True Worship

Let me tell you some more points on True Worship. You know, God is always dealing with our hearts because of hearts are issues of life.
True Worship

In the Timely Word series, I spoke a few points about true worship. Let me tell you some more things about true worship. You know, God is always dealing with our hearts, because out of our hearts are the issues of life. And the Bible says at the same time, that our heart is deceptive above all things and desperately wicked. So God is all the time in the business of purifying our hearts, because He desires truth in our inward life.

So as God keeps purifying our hearts, delivering us from all deception and deceptive ways and self-life, self-will and self-love, as our heart becomes truthful, worship rises unto God from a true heart. That is, worshiping God in truth, that is worshiping God in spirit because you have submitted everything to God. You have submitted yourself to the dealings of God and surrendered every area to God. So the Holy Spirit gets hold of you.

The word of God fills you and your heart is purified and prepared to Worship the Lord. When this process takes place, your life itself becomes a ‘true worship’ to God, ‘music’ to God and ‘praise’ to God. This is worshiping God in spirit and in truth, purified, and dealt with through the word and through the Spirit of God. The truth of God’s word and the Spirit of God, deal with us and transform us. Then, as we worship God with that heart which is dealt with and purified by God, Oh, it’s a totally different level of worship. It is such intimate union with God and such beautiful worship!

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