A Timely Word
Short Sermon Clips
The Lord has led us to release 2 to 5 minutes short sermon clips every few days entitled “A Timely Word” ( “…. a timely word—how good that is!” Proverbs 15:23 ). Share these videos with your family and friends. Some video clips will be in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada as well. Don’t miss watching each one of them, as they give us God’s perspective, discerning and wisdom for the Last days.
S R Manohar, Pastor

The Burning Bush

Have you ever wondered what's special about Moses' burning bush encounter? It was an experience that turned Moses' rather dry, mundane, humbling existence into one that made him view God in His glory. Are you seeking God for his glory today, in a similar desert and dry situation?

Jonah’s Life

Jonah was unwilling to obey God's call on his life. What were the reasons behind his resistance to God? He knew God was greatly merciful which will jeopardize Jonah's prophetic call in many ways than one. He was not willing to risk his reputation, comfort and attitude to show compassion to Nineveh, a state he greatly disliked.
Check this enlightening audio that bares the heart of God while exposing the heart of a man that even hears God.

The Ingredient For Revelation

Many times we ask, what is the secret to see Jesus? What brings his revelation to us? We want his visitation to us to turn into a habitation. In the wonder of how God raised Joseph, we miss often the beauty of a change in his brother's hard hearts. Through the famine in Canaan and the availability of food in Egypt, a beautiful story is woven around this transformation, which seeks our attention.

Manifesting the Presence of God

Our hearts are longing for His presence, is an understatement. There is a deep yearning in the heart of every true child of God for His manifest presence. This all-consuming thirst and longing are seen in their prayers and songs. They ask, if God is everywhere, why don't I experience His manifest presence, as it is in heaven?

The Grace of God is a precious gift from God. It is the foundation of our salvation and is given to us continually, enabling us to walk in righteousness and Mercy. The Father gives us this Abundant Grace to grow into maturity and live like Jesus upon the earth.

The goal of our Christian life is to walk in the fullness of God.

There has been a lot of wrong teaching on Grace lately. Thus, many believers have been led astray from Real Grace in these last days. The Holy Spirit has laid on Pastor S. R. Manohar’s heart to restore these truths and prepare a spotless Church for Jesus’ Return.


English | Hindi | Telugu

In the Beatitudes, Jesus unveils to us the nature of God which we need to yearn for. Hence, it is His first sermon.

Here is the Pathway into the restoration of the image of God.

Don’t miss listening to this series – The blessedness of God which leads us into the fullness of God.

Three hundred and fifty years back, God sent reformation in the church through Martin Luther but now the time has come again for another reformation to purify the body of Christ. Many Churches these days have deviated from the message of ‘Christ alone’ and have been distracted by material blessings.

The centrality of Jesus has been lost and replaced with a man-cantered gospel

This powerful series brings us back to the Holiness of God and purifies our heart for revival.

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You can now be a part of live online meetings by attending our web-seminars where Bro S R Manohar will be preaching and teaching on different themes which God has put into his heart. These web-seminars will also be held in different languages and anyone can login and watch live. All you need to do is download the “Zoom App” and join our online meeting.


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