Power of the Cross

Power of the Cross

If you want to know the power of the cross, then you must ask God to open your eyes to Romans 6th chapter. How in the whole Bible, the four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are the gospels of Jesus Christ, in the same way, among all the epistles of Paul, Romans 6 is considered to be the gospel chapter, the central chapter. Here we see the power of the cross.

Firstly, the Bible says that when Jesus died for us, we also died with him. For we know that our old self was crucified with him, in order that sin’s dominion over our body will be abolished. Romans 6:6 says, ‘for we know’. So, the first thing I want to ask you, “Do you know? What? That our old self or old life, old person was crucified with Jesus. ‘In order that sin’s dominion over our body may be abolished’ when Jesus went on the cross, we too went on the cross and even our old person and old nature went on the cross. So it was not only Jesus’ cross, it was our cross also. So our old-self went on the cross.

And then the Bible says, ‘when Jesus was buried (Romans 6th Chapter, 3rd verse says), “are you unaware that all of us who are baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death. Therefore, we were buried with Him by baptism into death.” So the second thing is, when Jesus was buried, we were also buried with Him. How? It was by our baptism. We are buried with Jesus. And as Jesus was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too are raised to walk in the newness of life. So, we died with Jesus on the cross.

We are buried with Jesus in baptism and when Jesus rose up, we rose up with Jesus, not as people but as a new human race. Adam’s human race or Adam’s race was over on the cross, with the resurrection, a new human race begins. I say that again, Adams race ended with the Cross of Jesus Christ or ended at the Cross of Jesus, in the Cross of Jesus. And with the resurrection of Jesus, new human race began. So now I want to ask you in which human race do you see yourself? In which race do you see yourself? Do you see yourself in Adam’s Race or do you see yourself in the new human race? Do you see yourself in Jesus’ (the last Adam’s) race? The Bible says, “if anybody be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away. All things have become new”. So you got to see yourself in Jesus.

The power of the cross is applied, when we consider our self dead along with Jesus on the cross, buried with Jesus in baptism. And when Jesus rose up, we rise up as a new human being, a new race. We belong to a new race. So, you got to believe this. You got to consider this and you got to confess this. You may feel old things are trying to enter our life and old things are coming up again, and again. However, you just believe this, keep considering this and keep confessing these things. Keep on saying, ‘I don’t belong to Adam’s race. I belong to the last Adam’s race, Jesus’ race, a new human race. For sin will not rule over me anymore. I am dead to sin. I am alive to God in Jesus Christ.’ Amen!

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