Seeing Jesus in the Bible

Seeing Jesus in the Bible

How do we see Jesus more and more clearly and get the revelation of Jesus from the Bible? Here are three ways to see Jesus in the Bible:

1. Jesus said, the Holy Spirit will teach you, guide you into all the truth, will reveal me to you, will reveal things concerning me and will remind you what I have spoken. It’s only the Holy Spirit who will give us the revelation of Jesus Christ. Only the Holy Spirit has been one with Jesus from eternity past and only the Holy Spirit knows Jesus the best and He only is able to reveal Jesus to us. So, you got to depend on the Holy Spirit, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and show you from the Bible. Say, ‘Holy Spirit you wrote the scriptures. You show me about Jesus from the Bible. Tell me about Jesus. Show me His nature. Show me His character, how Jesus spoke, what Jesus likes, what Jesus hates? What Jesus calls foolish, what Jesus calls unwise? What is Jesus pleased with? What satisfies Jesus? Show me Jesus, show me His nature. Show me how humble He is, how holy He is and how lowly He is’. So, the Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus to you.

2. The second way how to see Jesus in the Bible is, the Bible says that Jesus sent 70 disciples who went to different towns, preached the gospel came back, cast out devils, came back rejoicing and Jesus saw them. And you know, what Jesus said? He said, ‘Don’t rejoice because evil spirits are subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in the Book of Life’. Then He went on to say, ‘Father I praise you because you hid these things from the wise and prudent and revealed it to babes and to infants. So the second thing is, you need to become an infant or like an infant. ‘Babe’ means innocent. Babies are innocent. Infants are innocent. They are absolute nothing. They’re so lowly. They’re so humble. So Jesus said, ‘don’t rejoice when you see demons fleeing in my Name, and when you cast out devils in my Name. You know, you become puffed up, but Jesus said, ‘Don’t rejoice. Be like infants’. So, the second way of receiving the revelation of Jesus Christ is – God will reveal Jesus to you, if you become innocent like babes and you become lowly and become nothing. Have absolute nothingness of self and remain in that state, then you will get revelation of Jesus Christ from the Bible.

3. The third way of seeing Jesus in the Bible is in John 12th chapter. A few Greeks came to Philip and they said, “Sir, we want to see Jesus, just like we’re saying now we want to see Jesus in the Bible”. So they came to Philip and said, “we want to see Jesus”. And Philip went to Andrew and both Andrew and Philip went to Jesus. They went to Jesus, and told Jesus, ‘the Greeks want to see you’, but Jesus at that time said, ‘the hour is come, the Son of man is to be glorified’ and He said, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains by itself . But if it dies, it produces a large crop. The one, who loves his life, will lose it and the one who hates his life in this world, will keep it for eternal life. The next way to see Jesus is, by going through total death of self. Jesus said, ‘unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground, it abides alone’. You know, when the Greeks came to see Jesus, He was talking about His cross. He spoke about His cross to them. If you want to get the revelation of Jesus Christ from the scriptures, then lead a crucified life. Love death to self and death to self-will. Absolutely be dead, to self-will.

The revelation of God is for those who are utterly dead to self. Amen!

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