Glory of God

What is the Glory? The Glory of God is all that God has, all that God is and all that God does is equal to the Glory of God.
What is the Glory of God?

The glory of God is nothing, but it’s the weight of God. It simply means all that, God is, all that God has, and all that God does is equal to the glory of God. The sum total of all that God is, of all who God is. It is the meaning of God’s glory, his love, his power, knowing his character, his wisdom.

All this put together, is the glory of God and that glory of God, that character of God, the nature of God, the beauty, the Purity, the wisdom of God, all, was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. Does not the Bible say, that God who commanded light to shine in darkness has shined in our hearts giving us the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. God’s glory is revealed in the face and the person of Jesus Christ. So where do we see the person of Jesus? Jesus said in John 5th chapter.

It is the scriptures that talk about me. In scriptures, we see the person of Jesus. In the person of Jesus, we see the glory of God, the character of God, the true nature of God, the love of God, power of God and the wisdom of God. On this side of Heaven, that is, on the Earth, there are many places where we see the glory of God in creation, but the full glory of God is revealed in the scripture in the person of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jesus said, ‘he who has seen me has seen the Father. My Father and I are one.’

Therefore we need to study the life of Jesus. No wonder Paul was passionate to know Jesus. His passion was to know Jesus. Again, if you want to know more deeply where we see the glory of Jesus in the Life of Christ, still deeper, then it is in the crucified Christ, in the Cross of Jesus or while Jesus was on the cross, God’s entire Glory, His nature, His character is unveiled, is kept bare open before us.

Therefore Paul says, ‘I am the preacher of the crucified Christ.’ He says, ‘I didn’t come to you with any other knowledge, but with knowledge of the crucified Christ, I will not teach anything much, but I will teach about the crucified Christ.’ So it is in the cross that the central knowledge of God’s glory is revealed.

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